Acheroraptor – vicious micro-predator

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Did you know?

Acheroraptor gets its name from Acheron, the ‘River of Pain’ from Greek mythology, a reference to the Hell Creek Formation in Montana where it was first discovered.

Vital statistics

Length:                                  approximately 2-3m

Height:                                  possibly 50cm at hip

Weight:                                 possibly 15kg (similar to a mid-sized dog)

Discovery:                           discovered 2009, named 2013

Distinguishing features:       small feathered predator, sickle-shaped claws on feet

Chronotex Field Observations

Acheroraptor hunts mostly in the deep forest. It’s predominantly camouflaged with dark, muted colours, but also features pale or brightly coloured markings on some of its larger feathers, which help break up its outline.

It has climbing abilities, walking up large sloping branches within reach of the ground or trunks when required, and it hops or jumps between low-lying, larger branches, meaning it can move swiftly through the densest vegetation looking for prey.

Although mostly solitary, we’ve seen it gather in groups and even mated pairs.

 Key facts

  • A fully feathered, bird-like animal with sickle-shaped foot claws and a complete plumage
  • Mid-sized, forest-dwelling predator of smaller dinosaurs, mammals, lizards etc.
  • A dromaeosaur, a close relative of the Asian Velociraptor
  • Similar to Velociraptor in overall appearance and anatomy
  • Along with Dakotaraptor, the geologically youngest known member of the dromaeosaur family

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