What's the environment like around TimeBase 67?


As a time-traveller to the days of the dinosaurs, you’ll probably be surprised by how familiar some elements of the Late Cretaceous world actually are – there are a lot of conifers and flowering plants, as well as the same types of insects that we have today. In fact, the temperate conditions outside TimeBase 67 are pretty much like those encountered in modern-day Florida.

The area around the TimeBase is teeming with dinosaurs unique to the wider region of the island-continent of Laramidia, and one of the most striking aspects of a visit to the facility is the degree to which their behaviour has shaped the surrounding environment.

You’ll also be amazed by how different the dinosaurs you come face to face with on your time-jumping adventure look from what you were expecting – some are feathered and much more visually striking or vividly coloured than people think!