Roaring into London – and making an Alamosaurus-sized impact!

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Now that Dinosaurs in the Wild has roared its way into London and firmly established itself on Greenwich Peninsula, it’s clearly making a massive impact with some of its time-travelling guests, judging by some of the ‘wow!’ reviews we’ve been getting…

In his article about the show, The Guardian’s resident palaeontologist, Dr Dave Hone, doesn’t hold back when summing up his enthusiasm for his adventure in the deep past, which he also praises for being “accurate and well thought-out” and “as cutting-edge as it could be”:

 “Where most efforts at ‘edutainment’ fall down is on being overly bombastic, with too little actual science and far too much whizz-bang… Dinosaurs in the Wild, a mixture of puppets, models and 3D films (all accompanied by live actors), merges the two brilliantly and is both fun for all ages and genuinely absorbing.”

He goes on to say:

“We were by turns entertained and thrilled, and occasionally a little scared. There were jokes and wit and imagination in abundance, and I highly recommend this for all the family, dinosaur enthusiasts or not.”

The Daily Mirror gives the experience a stunning 9.5/10 and describes it as “absolutely ‘roar-some’!”, singling out the host actors for being “terrific, really throwing themselves into the part with enthusiasm and humour” and, of course, the unique opportunity of “encountering ‘live’ dinosaurs of all shapes, sizes, appearance and colours, including pink!”

The Radio Times describes Dinosaurs in the Wild as “an unforgettable trip back in time”, while OK! Magazine likens the “fantastic experience” to “a dinosaur-spotting safari.” that “allows you to step into a time machine and experience what the Earth would have been like 67 million years ago.”

The Daily Star Sunday’s review references a palaeontological cultural icon that’s always resonated in the public’s imagination: “Thanks to some nifty technology, you can now experience the next best thing to Jurassic Park.” They clearly weren’t the only ones to feel that way – Best Magazine sums up the show as follows: “Think Jurassic Park, only even more jaw-dropping.”

Meanwhile, Time Out London says: “A visit to this spectacular show is a must”, and Time Out Kids sums up the show thus: “a mix of great CGI, animatronics and mild peril makes the jump back in time worthwhile.” 

The GoodToKnow website also underlines the family appeal of this “ultimate safari adventure”, describing it as “a MUST for all families with young dinosaur fans.”

So, now you’ve heard what the experts think, why not book tickets for your very own dinosaur adventure today? We very much look forward to welcoming you on board our time machines to the deep past soon!

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