“I went to a real-life Jurassic Park, and you can too”

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ShortlistShortlist Online article by Gary Ogden

“I, what with being a human being and all, like dinosaurs. I have liked dinosaurs for a very long time – as soon as I found out what they were, essentially. Oh, giant monsters will big sharp teeth that fight each other? Hmmmmm, I wonder if I will like these creatures that have seemingly been designed solely to please children. YES, yes I will, and yes I did, and yes I do.

“I’ve seen all the dinosaur films, I had all the dinosaur toys, and can do all the dinosaur impressions (ask me next time we’re out) and I don’t think this obsession will ever stop. Which is why, as an adult, I went to Dinosaurs in the Wildan attraction by the 02 arena that is, yes, ostensibly, for children. But it’s also for not-children, because I’m here to tell you that it was great.

“What you’re getting with Dinosaurs in the Wild, is a 90-minute dino extravaganza, where you head back in time to a world populated with dinosaurs that I think are real, because it’s all too good to be fake.”

Read about Gary’s TimeBase 67 experience in full at Shortlist Online.

Dinosaurs In The Wild

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