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A TimeBase 67 scientist investigates a dinosaur bone for research One of the latest samples to arrive in TimeBase 67’s Pathology Laboratory is a single arm from a fully-grown Tyrannosaurus rex – and it’s stunned the scientists working there! Tyrannosaurus is the most famous of all the living dinosaurs visitors get to see at the TimeBase, and we’re frequently… Read More

Record-Breaking giant recorded at TimeBase 67!

This week, TimeBase 67 biologists recorded their largest dinosaur yet. Using adapted LiDAR surveying equipment, they measured a 15.03m high adult Alamosaurus, estimating its weight to be over 75 tonnes. This makes it one of the largest creatures ever to exist on land. Alamosaurus are sauropods, the long-tailed,… Read More

TimeBase 67 opens its doors to BBC News crew for very first time!

Chronotex has welcomed a BBC Midlands Today News crew to its pioneering dinosaur research facility, TimeBase 67.  For the first time since the company’s Board took the historic decision to open up the wonders of Chronotex to dinosaur tourists – in the interests of furthering the company’s key educational… Read More

Face to face with the mother of all predators!

A mother Dakotaraptor protects her feathery babies from other dinosaurs Chronotex Enterprises can at last bring you face to face with one of the most fascinating predators of the late Cretaceous – a lethal Dakotaraptor. Our chrononauts consider Dakotaraptor to be among the most exotic inhabitants of the perilous Hell Creek plain that surrounds TimeBase 67. Nicknamed Siouxsie,… Read More

Nest Of Rare Giant Pterosaurs
Discovered Near TimeBase 67

Chronotex scientists have sighted a rare mated pair of Quetzalcoatlus – one of the largest pterosaurs ever to have evolved – that have started building a nest just one kilometre away from TimeBase 67. Having watched these two huge pterosaurs scoping out the area over recent weeks, our chrononauts… Read More

Mystery of huge
Triceratops herd solved!

Thanks to the ingenuity of our chrononauts at TimeBase 67, we’ve just unravelled a fascinating secret behind the annual migration patterns of a huge herd of Triceratops that passes by our research facility. Every year, during the height of the Cretaceous dry season, TimeBase 67 sees the arrival of… Read More