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Read our latest rave review!

Dinosaurs Roaming READ OUR LATEST RAVE REVIEW! “Trust me when I say you will (probably) believe that this whole experience is genuine. Take comfortable shoes and get prepared to take the journey of a lifetime.”   Discover more about the amazing adventure Sardines Magazine had on its recent time-jumping odyssey to the deep past… Read More

TimeBase 67 celebrates birth of Prince Louis

Dakotaraptor TIMEBASE 67 CELEBRATES BIRTH OF PRINCE LOUIS WITH ARRIVAL OF BABY DAKOTARAPTOR NAMED AFTER HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS TimeBase 67 crew celebrate a momentous new arrival of their own by welcoming baby Dakotaraptor Louis to Dinosaurs in the Wild. Following the birth of the newest addition to… Read More

Roaring into London – and making an Alamosaurus-sized impact!

Now that Dinosaurs in the Wild has roared its way into London and firmly established itself on Greenwich Peninsula, it’s clearly making a massive impact with some of its time-travelling guests, judging by some of the ‘wow!’ reviews we’ve been getting… In his article about the show, The Guardian’s resident… Read More

“I went to a real-life Jurassic Park, and you can too”

Dinosaurs In The Wild Shortlist Online article by Gary Ogden “I, what with being a human being and all, like dinosaurs. I have liked dinosaurs for a very long time – as soon as I found out what they were, essentially. Oh, giant monsters will big sharp teeth that fight each other? Hmmmmm, I wonder… Read More

Join ITV Granada Reports as they time-travel to encounter Dinosaurs in the Wild…

ITV Granada Reports have taken a trip back in time with Dinosaurs in the Wild….find out what they discovered on their voyage to the deep past here. Read More

Sea serpent attacks!

  Since the annual arrival of the large Triceratops herd, scientists at TimeBase 67 have noticed another related natural phenomenon – a spike in the number of dinosaurs being snatched from the shoreline by giant marine lizards. Many people are surprised to learn that during the time… Read More

Record-breaking giant recorded at TimeBase 67!

This week, TimeBase 67 biologists recorded their largest dinosaur yet. Using adapted LiDAR surveying equipment, they measured a 15.03m high adult Alamosaurus, estimating its weight to be over 75 tonnes. This makes it one of the largest creatures ever to exist on land. Alamosaurus are sauropods, the long-tailed,… Read More

Tyrannosaurus’ strong-arm tactic

One of the latest samples to arrive in TimeBase 67’s Pathology Laboratory is a single arm from a fully-grown Tyrannosaurus – and it’s stunned the scientists working there! Tyrannosaurus is the most famous of all the living dinosaurs visitors get to see at the TimeBase, and we’re frequently asked why… Read More

TimeBase 67 opens its doors to BBC News crew for very first time!

Chronotex has welcomed a BBC Midlands Today News crew to its pioneering dinosaur research facility, TimeBase 67.  For the first time since the company’s Board took the historic decision to open up the wonders of Chronotex to dinosaur tourists – in the interests of furthering the company’s key educational… Read More

Mystery of huge
Triceratops herd solved!

Thanks to the ingenuity of our chrononauts at TimeBase 67, we’ve just unravelled a fascinating secret behind the annual migration patterns of a huge herd of Triceratops that passes by our research facility. Every year, during the height of the Cretaceous dry season, TimeBase 67 sees the arrival… Read More