Frequently asked questions


  • Can I take my buggy/pushchair into the experience?

    Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to take buggies/pushchairs into the experience.

  • Are the venue and experience suitable for wheelchairs?

    Yes, both the venue and the experience are suitable for wheelchairs and are fully accessible.

    The experience can accommodate two wheelchair users per time-slot, who’ll be able to access Dinosaurs in the Wild in full (with the exception of a high platform located within The Lookout towards the end of the adventure).

    Adequately trained carers will also need to accompany visitors with special needs that aren’t mobility-related.

    To purchase accessible and carer tickets, please contact See Tickets on 0844 854 1355.

  • Does the experience accommodate mobility scooters?

    Unfortunately, we’re unable to accommodate mobility scooters within the facility. 

  • Am I able to take luggage into the experience?

    Large bags cannot be taken into the experience. However, cloakroom facilities will be available at the venue.


  • Is the experience suitable for young kids?

    We think the experience is ideal for children aged 5 and above. Our dinosaurs look very real and some are large and noisy. At times you’ll be surrounded by them and, like all dinosaurs, they’ll occasionally engage in battle. There’s also quite a graphic autopsy on a huge Pachycephalosaurus.

    For these reasons, we don’t recommend the experience for children under 3 – they may find it loud and scary. They can by all means attend, but suitability will vary according to individual sensibilities, and we do suggest that parents exercise discretion.

    Please note that everyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Can children under a certain age go for free?

    We do offer a ‘babe in arms’ ticket (and these can be collected from the box office on the day of the visit), but we don’t recommend bringing children under the age of 3.


The Experience

  • What is Dinosaurs in the Wild?

    Dinosaurs in the Wild is an exhilarating, unique, live-action adventure in which you travel back by time machine to witness living dinosaurs. For the first time, you’ll see and feel for yourself what life was really like 67 million years ago.

  • How long is the experience?

    The experience is approximately 70 minutes long, but you should allow 90 minutes in total for entry and exit.

  • Can I buy merchandise at Dinosaurs in the Wild?

    Yes, a range of high quality, specially-made merchandise will be on sale.

  • Can I take pictures at Dinosaurs in the Wild?

    We encourage you to take photos as mementos of your incredible journey to TimeBase 67 and to share them with your friends. For the comfort of your fellow travellers, and to avoid antagonising the dinosaurs, flash photography isn’t permitted, however.  

    If you’re using your phone or tablet to take pictures, remember to turn it to aeroplane mode since communication devices may be damaged by time travel. 

    Please note that tripods aren’t allowed in the experience. Pre-approval is required for professional photography and recording, and is at the discretion of on-site staff.


  • Can I change my time-slot or day?

    Unfortunately, all ticket sales are final and changes or refunds are strictly not permitted – so please do consider and select the date and time of your visit carefully. For further assistance on this, please contact your point of purchase.

  • I've missed my time-slot/I’m running late for the time booked, can we still enter at a later time?

    Please do arrive on time for your time-slot. If you’re late, we can’t guarantee entry and you may have to wait for the next available slot. If you have booked the last time-slot of the day and arrive late, you either might not gain access or your time at the experience may be limited.

  • What is Chronotex?

    Chronotex is a pioneering company at the vanguard of time travel technology. It runs Dinosaurs in the Wild tours to TimeBase 67, a scientific research station that it has built in the late Cretaceous Period, 67 million years ago.

  • What are the opening hours? What is the first/last time-slot available?

    We open at 9.30am (apart from Mondays, when the attraction is closed*) and we close approximately one hour after the last entry. Last entry is at 4.30pm on preview dates, at 3pm on weekdays (Tuesday to Thursday), and at 5pm on weekends (Friday to Sunday) and during school holidays.

    *Dinosaurs in the Wild will be open on Mondays at EventCity, Manchester, during the run-up to Christmas 2017.

  • What is a preview date and how is it different from regular dates?

    A preview show gives you a chance to visit the attraction at a cheaper ticket price ahead of the official opening. It’s also a chance for us to test our time machine, ensure the dinosaurs are ready for visitors, and for our guides to rehearse their speeches. The Director is also present and may also stop the show from time to time or interrupt the actors – so it’s often a fun experience, rather than a less valuable one.

    This means that during preview days, there might be slight alterations to what the experience will include during regular opening times. They also provide an opportunity for the event organisers to collate visitor feedback.

    Therefore, while preview date shows are often totally identical to regular shows, if you’re seeking to get the maximum from your Dinosaurs in the Wild experience, we suggest that you book a regular date instead of a preview.

    In light of the above, preview date tickets cost £20, which is less than those for regular shows (please see ‘How much do tickets cost?’ below for more information).

  • I have an autistic child – will the experience be suitable for him/her? Are there many flashing lights, loud noises etc.?

    Unfortunately, the experience may not be appropriate for children with autism, so we strongly recommend parental discretion in this regard.

    It does feature very loud noises emanating from our living dinosaurs, and there are flashing lights during the time travel element. The dinosaurs also look and sound very real, so the perception of danger may cause anxiety.

  • What school years is this suitable for?

    For school groups, we think the experience is ideal for KS2 (upper primary) pupils. We also think that KS3 (lower secondary) pupils will enjoy and get a lot out of the experience.

    Groups of younger pupils will always be welcome, but we do suggest that a higher teacher/parent ratio would be needed, in case some children find the experience scary.

    We’ve compiled logistical information for teachers intending to visit with school groups in our Education section, where you can also view a sample of the curriculum-linked resources we’ve prepared.

  • Will the time machine make me feel sick?

    The movement of the time machine is pretty sedate – especially considering it’s transporting you back in time a staggering 67 million years!

    Chronotex’s cutting-edge technology has been designed specifically to avoid motion sickness among its time-travellers. The time machine isn’t like a ‘simulator’, so you won’t be thrown around. In fact, it’s our company policy that time travel should be an enjoyable, family-friendly experience!

  • What is the experience – is it a ride, a show or a tour?

    It’s actually a unique blend of all those things – an exhilarating mix of theme park and theatre, combined with breath-taking 3-D views of dinosaurs in their natural environment and the very latest scientific knowledge about these amazing animals.

    You’ll travel back 67 million years by time machine, then ride across Cretaceous plains teeming with herds of dinosaurs to reach TimeBase 67, our incredible scientific research station. You’ll then tour the laboratories with your expert guide, see the extraordinary work that our Chronotex scientists are undertaking, and experience thrilling views of the gigantic and noisy creatures that inhabit the open plains and forests surrounding TimeBase 67.

  • What's unique about Dinosaurs in the Wild?

    Dinosaurs in the Wild is not an arena show where you sit and observe passively – think of it more as a kind of safari, where you travel back in time with expert guides and actually experience what life was like 67 million years ago, surrounded by living dinosaurs in the wild.

    Your journey begins in a time machine that transports you to the late Cretaceous Period. Then your machine converts to a rugged land vehicle for a hazardous and thrilling drive across the plains, looking out across herds of dangerous, boisterous dinosaurs. You disembark when you reach TimeBase 67 – our authentic scientific research station that we built 67 million years back in time, and where Chronotex scientists now study living dinosaurs.

    With your expert guide, you’ll tour the laboratories and see extraordinary things, such as young dinosaurs in cages and hatchlings emerging from eggs. You’ll also visit the Lookout, with its huge windows providing the most enthralling panoramic views of the dinosaur and prehistoric life teeming around TimeBase 67.

    Your Dinosaurs in the Wild experience will be like stepping into the most exhilarating, yet educational, story ever, and we can promise a few incredible surprises along the way! It combines theme park fun, live-action theatrics and the most cutting-edge scientific knowledge about dinosaurs in an immersive adventure designed to make you feel as though you’re really there, in amongst the dinosaurs, in their world, at their time – so get ready for the ultimate voyage of discovery!



  • Can I buy tickets on the day?

    Generally, there’ll be some tickets available at the venue on the day. However, we highly recommend that you book well in advance to avoid disappointment, especially if you’re travelling from afar. If a time-slot sells out, tickets won’t be available at the door.

  • How do I add extra tickets to my booking?

    You can buy additional tickets online via the same agent that you’ve already booked with, or, if you’re unsure, you can contact their customer service team for additional support. As long as you’ve purchased additional tickets for the same time-slot, if you and those visiting the experience with you arrive together you’ll be able to enter together.

  • Is there a limit to how many tickets I can buy?

    There’s a ticket limit of nine per person, but if you’re attending as part of a larger group, please do check out our dedicated group page.

  • How many people are included on a family ticket?

    A family ticket includes entry for 2 adults and 2 kids (under 16 years).

  • Can I cancel my tickets for a refund?

    Unfortunately, all ticket sales are final and changes or refunds are strictly not permitted – so please do consider and select the date and time of your visit carefully.

  • How much do tickets cost?

    Advanced Off-Peak:

    – Adult £25

    – Child (under 16) £22

    – Family (2 adults, 2 kids) £85

    Advanced Peak (Friday to Sunday, Bank holidays, school holidays):

    – Adult £29.50

    – Child (under 16) £26

    – Family (2 adults, 2 kids) £95

    Door Prices

    – Adult £33

    – Child (under 16) £28.50

    – Family £99

    Gift Voucher

    – £39.50

    Premium Anytime

    – £39.50

    A Premium ticket gives you the freedom to book a ticket without choosing a time-slot and will guarantee you entry, even if the time-slot is fully booked (please note that in the case of a sold-out time-slot, there may be some waiting time involved).


    – £20

    Please note that during a preview show, the experience may be slightly different from a regular show – please refer to the ‘What is a Preview date?’ question above for more information on this.

  • Can I buy a Gift Voucher?

    Yes, you can purchase E-gift Tickets via See Tickets. These are electronic tickets that you can buy as a gift or treat for someone. You don’t have to choose a date or time when purchasing, as the recipient will choose these when redeeming their gift.

    For further information, please check the ticket agents’ websites.

  • I have received an E-gift Ticket – what do I do now?

    You need to redeem it prior to your visit, so please choose the date and time at which you wish to attend. For instructions, please check with the original point of purchase. Please note that E-gift Tickets can’t be exchanged at the venue and aren’t valid for entry if unredeemed.

  • What is a Premium Ticket?

    A Premium Ticket gives you the freedom to attend the chosen venue at any time available on the selected date. You may need to wait for up to half an hour during our busiest times, but there’ll be plenty to see whilst you wait! The Premium Ticket is electronic for you to print off at home and is valid only on the selected date.

  • I haven't received my tickets – what should I do?

    Tickets are all delivered electronically via email. You can either print these off at home and bring them with you to the event or you can show your e-ticket on your phone.

    If you haven’t received an email with the tickets attached, please contact your original point of purchase.

  • I'm a ticket vendor – can we work together to sell tickets to the show?

    Please email [email protected] for further enquiries.

  • Why have I paid £39.50 each for two tickets, when preview tickets are only £20? Why are Gift Tickets more expensive?

    £20 is a special price applicable to preview dates only – all dates after the previews are subject to different price points, depending on whether they’re peak/off-peak.

    When booking a regular ticket, you’ll need to choose the date and time of attendance in advance, and this can’t be changed once the booking has gone through. The Gift Ticket doesn’t require you to choose a specific date or time in advance, so that the recipient can choose when they wish to attend. The price is the same as the Premium Ticket, which requires you to book a date but gives you flexibility on the time of the visit.