Today, the ability to travel back millions of years to the days of the dinosaurs is no longer the realm of science fiction.

Your time-jumping Dinosaurs in the Wild adventure is possible thanks to the cutting-edge technological advances made by one pioneering company – Chronotex Enterprises.

Chronotex invented time travel and built TimeBase 67, where its chrononaut scientists now carry out their extraordinary studies into living dinosaurs. When the company first announced plans to build a time-bridge and locate a scientific research station in the age of the dinosaurs, it provided an ambitious first in the history of mankind.

Now – thanks to the company’s ongoing dedication to unlocking the past for future generations – Chronotex has opened up TimeBase 67 to the general public, so anyone can experience the wonders of time travel.

You can discover more about Chronotex’s unique history as a time travel pioneer and how this visionary company established itself at the forefront of the temporal technology revolution here.