About TimeBase 67


TimeBase 67 is your destination on your journey through time – Chronotex’s extraordinary research station on the Cretaceous plains, where our scientists conduct pioneering studies on living dinosaurs.

Visitors to TimeBase 67 will get to see some amazing types of dinosaur, including the iconic predator Tyrannosaurus rex, the gargantuan Alamosaurus (one of the largest dinosaurs ever), the tank-like Ankylosaurus, and herds of Triceratops, all interacting with their natural habitat. On your journey to the TimeBase and during your time there, you’ll also experience dinosaurs as never before, across a dazzling spectrum of life stages – as eggs, fuzzy hatchlings, juveniles and adults. You can discover more about the highlights of your visit to TimeBase 67 here.

The TimeBase’s Lookout is a truly amazing space, with large, reinforced windows offering mesmerising panoramic views of the prehistoric life on the Cretaceous plains outside. So whether it’s the breath-taking sights you’ll experience inside or outside TimeBase 67, we promise that a visit here is something that will never be forgotten!