What will my journey be like?

Your Dinosaurs in the Wild experience promises to take you on the ultimate journey of discovery.

Board our time machine, leave the 21st Century behind and go on the ultimate voyage of discovery – your destination, the late Cretaceous! 

Travel to our incredible scientific research station, TimeBase 67, where you’ll get to experience dinosaurs as never before. If you think you know what these magnificent creatures look like, think again. When you see living dinosaurs, you’ll be amazed by just how different they look – some of them possess feathers, manes and vivid markings, for instance.

Prepare to be enthralled by our working laboratories, in which you’ll witness truly extraordinary things, such as a dinosaur autopsy, hatchlings emerging from eggs and young dinosaurs in cages. You’ll also visit The Lookout, with its huge windows providing the most entrancing panoramic views of the prehistoric life outside TimeBase 67 – who knows, you may even encounter a massive Tyrannosaurus rex!

Highlights of your journey

Take a trip in Chronotex’s time machine to TimeBase 67

You’ll be given a safety briefing on the potential dangers of prehistoric travel, before going back in time a staggering 67 million years – to the late Cretaceous Period.

Don’t worry – Chronotex’s cutting-edge technology has been designed specifically to avoid motion sickness for our time-travellers.

On the way, get a taste of the truly awesome world of dinosaurs that awaits

Once the time machine has docked, it converts to a rugged land vehicle that will securely transport you the short distance to the TimeBase.

Then it’s time for the drive of your life, across the Cretaceous plains – here you might experience some of the awesome animals we’ve sighted recently, like Triceratops or Alamosaurus.

Enter TimeBase 67 via the Chronotex Reception

Upon arrival at TimeBase 67, you’ll disembark at the Chronotex Reception area, where you’ll discover more about the TimeBase and the amazing sights you’re going to experience.

One of our expert guides will then take you through to Chronotex’s cutting-edge research laboratories, where our scientists now study living dinosaurs.

Witness a dinosaur autopsy…  

In our Pathology Lab, witness the impressive research our scientists are conducting and discover some truly fascinating dinosaur facts – get up close to a huge Alamosaurus heart, interact with some eyeballs, teeth and claws, feel the jaw-dropping power of a T. rex’s arm,  discover what’s in carnivore poo, and even see like a dinosaur!

Then, in our Autopsy Lab, you’ll experience a Pachycephalosaurus being dissected and see the internal workings of this massive creature.

… before you visit our Hatchery

The three incubators in Chronotex’s Hatchery hold different species of dinosaur eggs, all ethically sourced from outside TimeBase 67 – as you wander around, discover more about the variety of egg shapes, growth stages and the laying patterns of dinosaurs.

You’ll be amazed by the incredible things in this room – baby Triceratops squirming inside their shells, eggs communicating with each other and some deceptively cute fuzzy Dakotaraptor hatchlings – and learn about the surprisingly thick feathering on some dinosaur species.

Then it’s on to the Animal Lab…

Our Animal Lab is divided into nocturnal and daytime areas, and in it you’ll see juveniles from species such as Leptoceratops, Acheroraptor or Ankylosaurus that were hatched at the TimeBase and that Chronotex’s scientists are now studying. They’re all safely caged, of course, but please keep your fingers away from the bars, as some of these animals are extremely aggressive!

Depending on when your visit takes place, you may be lucky enough to be there at feeding time, so you’ll also get to see what’s on the menu that day and learn more about dinosaur eating habits.

… before you end up at our amazing Lookout

For your visit to TimeBase 67, we’ve saved the best for last – The Lookout is a hugely impressive space, with large, reinforced windows offering breath-taking panoramic views of the prehistoric life teeming on the Cretaceous plains outside.

Recently, our scientists have been recording higher than normal instances of animal activity, so you never know, you might even get eyeballed by a very large – and very angry – T. rex!  

After this truly memorable and mesmerising experience, we’ll transport you to our time machine and get you back safely to the present day – unless any unforeseen perilous circumstances arise, of course…