What is Dinosaurs in the Wild?

Dinosaurs in the Wild is like going on the greatest safari ever – except you’ll travel back in time with our expert guides to see with your very own eyes what life was actually like 67 million years ago, surrounded by prehistoric animals.

Board our time machine and your time-travelling adventure begins – in just seconds, our pioneering technology will transport you back an astonishing 67 million years to meet living dinosaurs.

Ride across the Cretaceous plains and see some of the most awesome creatures ever to live. Then visit TimeBase 67, our incredible research station where scientists are studying dinosaurs. See prehistoric animals in cages, watch babies hatching, and witness an autopsy on a giant dinosaur.

As you move around and explore, learn amazing facts about dinosaurs – even plunge your hands into piles of poo to discover more about their diet! Be astonished by panoramic views of the prehistoric life all around you – a cruel Eden of tooth and claw – in which mighty creatures like Tyrannosaurus, Alamosaurus and Triceratops roam free in their natural environment.

You’ll get closer to dinosaurs than you ever imagined possible, and these unforgettable sights, plus a few jaw-dropping surprises along the way, will place you right at the heart of the action – amongst dangerous dinosaurs, in the monstrous paradise of their world, at their time.