Record-breaking giant recorded at TimeBase 67!

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This week, TimeBase 67 biologists recorded their largest dinosaur yet.

Using adapted LiDAR surveying equipment, they measured a 15.03m high adult Alamosaurus, estimating its weight to be over 75 tonnes. This makes it one of the largest creatures ever to exist on land.

Alamosaurus are sauropods, the long-tailed, long-necked creatures that grow far larger than any other type of dinosaur. Indeed, our field operatives have observed that the largest alamosaurs are too big and powerful to have any natural predators – not even Tyrannosaurus.

However, accurately measuring these giants has proved tricky. Predictably, animals of that size spend all their time moving about and feeding. Scientists have had some success measuring their proportions against known objects like trees or vehicles, but given their size and power, it’s too dangerous to get close.

Then, four months ago, a particularly large old female appeared near the base, spurring TimeBase scientists to find a way to collect scientifically accurate data. LiDAR – the laser remote-measuring system more commonly used on building sites –was accurate enough, but how to keep the animals still long enough to take measurements?

The breakthrough came when chrononauts sweeping the forested sectors north of the TimeBase discovered several Alamosaurus in a clearing, sleeping standing up. They’d been observed resting lying down before, but never asleep upright. The measurement team set up a station on the edge of the clearing and, after a short wait of three days, the giant female appeared and duly fell asleep. Her statistics were impressive – 32.40m long, with her neck alone being 9.32m and her head a metre long.

Following this milestone, our researchers now intend to bury a weighbridge in the clearing so they can confirm the weight of these giants. Visitors to TimeBase 67 are always spell-bound by the majestic Alamosaurus in the flesh, so if you’re still making up your mind whether to visit the deep past, this beautiful behemoth might just tip the balance!

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