The ultimate voyage of discovery

Since travelling back in time 67 million years to experience living dinosaurs isn’t something you do every day, in this section you’ll find everything you need to know to help you plan for your big adventure.

You’ll also find plenty more information in the FAQs that we’ve compiled about your visit to Dinosaurs in the Wild.

Booking Tickets

Dinosaurs in the Wild is set to take you on the greatest adventure of your life. Book tickets now for:

MANCHESTER, EVENTCITY (from now until 2 January 2018)

LONDON – GREENWICH PENINSULA (from 12 February 2018)

Opening hours

Departures in our time machine to TimeBase 67 start from 9:30am, Tuesday to Sunday. For exact time-slots, please visit our booking site for Manchester and London.


Your Dinosaurs in the Wild adventure lasts approximately 70 minutes, although we do recommend that you allow a minimum of 90 minutes in total for entry and exit into the building.


We welcome groups of all shapes and sizes at Dinosaurs in the Wild. Discover more.


If you’re a teacher, why not take your class somewhere they’ve never been before – back in time! Discover more.


Both the venue and the experience are suitable for wheelchairs and are fully accessible.

To purchase accessible and carer tickets, please contact SeeTickets on 0844 854 1355.


To help plan for the big day, we’ve compiled some key information below that details what you need to know before and during your visit. Discover more.